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Box Tops Information
Attention Parents, Please copy and paste the following link in your search bar. From this page you can set up your box top account or you can download the app on your smartphone. The link will show you that if you purchase one box top item and scan your receipt, anyone you invite to download the app that purchases one item and scans a receipt, the school will earn 100 box tops. That is $10.00 every time this is done, only until September 27th. Once your account is set up, you just have to click on the icon in the top left corner, and invite friends and family to participate. Any child that participates will receive a juice and treat in class. There is no limit on how many scans you can do. I would encourage you to check out items separately so that you have different receipts to scan. I have attached a list of qualifying items. This is a great opportunity to earn cash for our school by buying things we would normally buy. Once you scan a receipt, under my earning click the entry. You will see give credit-click here and type in your child/children's name/s so I know who to give credit to. You will need to do this each entry. If you don't see the credit of 50 box tops please let me know. Box Tops has been having issues, but they told me they are working on it. You can email me at or text me at 677-0205. Thanks!
Box Tops 5.pdf Posted: 09-23-2020
National Box Tops Week
September 21-27 is National Box Tops Week.If a friend that you've invited scans their first reciept during the week of Sept 21-27, you'll BOTH earn 50 Bonus Box Tops which equals $10. Any student participating will receive a special treat at the end of the month.
National Box Tops Week.jpg Posted: 09-18-2020
School Lunch Update
School Food and Nutrition Services (SFNS) is happy to announce that USDA has approved SFNS to serve free lunches and breakfasts (if provided at your school) to all students effective Tuesday, September 8. The USDA is allowing free meals to all children even if they do not qualify for free and reduced-price meals. The program will expire on Thursday, December 31, or until funds are depleted.
Posted: 09-04-2020
Monthly Update
Please see the attached Monthly Update for September.
Weekly Update 9-4.pdf Posted: 09-01-2020