Take 2 - October 16th

Take 2 - October 16th

October 17th @ 4:30pm - Parenting Survival Group Meeting

Parenting Survival Group: Parenting is hard. We get it. Come join us for our monthly meeting in which we will discuss different aspects of parenting. This group is a support group to reflect on research, respectfully share our experiences and build community. Suggested readings or podcasts will be listed in the month's description. They are not required to attend. Survival group is an informal group for patents moderated by Jen Ehlert.

October Survival Session: Big Brains! Join us in a discussion about brain basics! We will be talking about brain states, brain development and differences in boy vs. girl brains! Our discussions will be around Dan Seigel's Book, "The Yes Brain!", Becky Bailey's Ted Talk: Wiring the Brain for Success  and Michel Gurian's Book, "The Wonder of Boys".

Elementary & MYHS Mercado - Friday, October 18th

Join us this Friday for Elementary Mercado from 9-11am.  Shop the student business with provided "imitation paper cash" and applaud the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of these up and coming business men & women!

In the afternoon experience the MYHS Mercado from 2:30-4:30pm.  Please bring your own cash to shop at these business!  Click here for MYHS Mercado flyer.


DGM Moms Club Hike - October 18th from 8-9am

Come enjoy the freedom and beauty of South Mountain's Pima Canyon Trail while meeting and/or reconnecting with other DGM moms!

LeCenia is a DGM Mom who is leading this Moms Club activity.

Info about the trail:  The Pima trail does not have demanding ups and downs as some of the other local single-track trails.  It's a gentle but relentless path allowing for good flow and movement to wake us all up in the morning feeling invigorated. 

So signup here to join us!

Friday, November 1st - Teacher In-Service Day

School closes at 4pm.  There is no childcare after 4pm, so please pickup your child on time to avoid late fees.

Childcare Registration for 2019-2020

Childcare Days are days the School is open but there is no class instruction. Childcare is made available to assist working parents. These dates are all listed on the DGM website At-A-Glance Calendar.

Please fill out the Childcare Registration Form here for Fall Break childcare or any childcare dates that you are interested in. It is imperative that you register your child/children (this includes Extended Day children) if you wish to have your child receive care. If you are not registered, we cannot extend childcare services to you since we base our staffing needs on the number of children who are registered.

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Calendar of Events
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Thursday, October 17th Friday, October 18th
  • 7:30 – 9am     Community Building: Coffee w/the Director and No Assembly
  • 8 – 10:30am     DGM Moms Club: Nature Walk at Pima Canyon Trailhead - Signup to let us know you're attending.
  • 9 – 11am     Elementary Fall Mercado
  • 2:30pm - 4:30pm      MYHS Fall Mercado in Garden of Love
Thursday, October 24th
  • 8:30am – 2pm     Offsite Field Trip to Arizona State Fair for LE – permission slip requiredNOTE:  ALL CHAPERONE SPOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED AND CONFIRMED.
  • 4:30 – 6pm     MYHS Parent Program Update Meeting
Friday, October 25th
  • MYHS Curricular: MYHS Community Building w/Sallie at Schnepf Farms for 6th Year UE and MYHS – Signup required.
  • 7:30 – 9:30am     Community Building: Coffee w/the Director
  • 9 – 11am     On Site Field Trip: Debs Dragons for Primary
Thursday, October 31st
  • 8:30 – 10:30am     Community Building: Pumpkin Carving w/Dad – Please send pumpkins to school with your child!
Friday, November 1st
  • Information: Teacher In Service - School Closes at 4pm
  • 7:30 – 9:30am     Community Building: Coffee w/the Director featuring Ms. Hillary and Assembly (8a - 8:30a)
Thursday, November 7th
  • 4:30 – 6pm     Parent Education: Social Media and Technology Awareness for Elementary and Older Parents w/Joronda Montano
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Pumpking Carving w/Dads for Primary and Elementary
Pumpkin Carving w/Dad takes place Thursday, October 31st. Please send a pumpkin and tools with your child to school by Friday, October 25th. This activity is for Primary and Elementary. Contact your child's teacher for further details. NOTE: Parking will be tight so if our parking lot is full please park on the south side of the Tilted Kilt (1617 W. Warner Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284)and we will shuttle you to the school. Please DO NOT park in the medical building parking lot.
Posted: 10-11-2019