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Announcements Made in PlusPortals can show on RediSite
Just make sure you check the Public visibility option!
Posted: 02-13-2023
This is an Announcement with Both Link and File
Created in PlusPortals with both a Hyper Link and Multiple Files Originally posted on 1/5... updated 5/12
This is just an example document.pdf This is an updated version of the example PDF.pdf Posted: 05-12-2023
New Announcement
See look at me! Posted Date originally 4/26... but as soon as I edit it... it updates to today's date and time Updated start date from 4/11 to 12/1/22
Posted: 05-12-2023
Pizza Day
Bring your money for Pizza Lunch
dance.jpg drama.jpg Posted: 05-12-2023
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Pizza Lunch - New Repeating Event Every Friday - Native Portal Eent