Welcome Q4 Exam Week - Monday, 6/4 (History & Religion), Tuesday, 6/5 (Lit/Comp & Languages), Wednesday, 6/6 (Sciences, Engineering, Finance), Thursday, 6/7 (Mathematics & Make-up exams), Friday 6/8 (Make-up exams)  
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Summer Reading 2018 - Grade 9
Reading assignments must be completed by September 10th.
Summer READING Grade 9.pdf Posted: 07-01-2018
Summer Reading 2018: Grades 10-12
Complete summer reading by September 10th.
Summer Reading 2018.pdf Posted: 07-01-2018
Senior Parking Registration Form 2018-2019 School Year
Only Seniors are allowed to park on campus. Please complete the form and return ASAP to secure a spot next school year.
Student Parking Regulations & Form18-19.doc Posted: 06-17-2018