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Health & Safety Reminders
As we prepare to start the 2nd quarter, we want to thank you for your cooperation adhering to all relevant safety precautions at home and school. Thus far, we're off to a great start! In our continuing effort to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment, we would like to remind you of the following procedures: All students must bring a completed Daily Symptom Checklist each day to school. Visitors, including parents, are not permitted in the school or school office. If your child has any cold symptoms he/she must stay home, as well as, their siblings. Students may not arrive after 8:20am. If your child arrives after carline has ended (before 8:20am) they must enter using the school office. Parents must remain in their vehicle. If you need to drop off a lunch, you are asked to call the school at 305-751-4257 and leave the item on our table at the office door. No other items may be dropped off. If you need to pick up a school item, please call the school office at 305-751-4257 to schedule a time to leave the item on the table by the office door. Students may not leave campus early for an appointment. If you must schedule an appointment, please keep your child home for the entire school day. The virtual platform is for students who are registered as virtual students. In-person students who are absent from school may not use the virtual platform unless approved by Administration.
Posted: 10-15-2020
Planning for a Rainy Day
What do we do when it is raining at morning drop-off or afternoon dismissal? The same thing we do when the sun is shining! Preschool parents will drop-off and pick up on the Preschool side, and K-8 parents will drop-off and pick up where they usually do.Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed at the end of our 2nd dismissal unless there is lightning or heavy rain.
Posted: 10-04-2020
7th Grade Hunger Project
SRL's 7th Grade Team is doing their part to fight hunger locally. Through classroom activities, they learned that it is common for certain communities to be food deserts (areas that have restricted wholesome, nutritional food). Sherina Jones along with the Buddy System, a local Non-profit is establishing community refrigerators in the Miami area! The hope is to give the community a way to fight food insecurity by empowering neighbors to help neighbors. as our 7th graders collected fresh food and delivered it to two local fridges in Liberty City and Overtown. Ms. Mesidor & Ms. Ocampo took the classes on a virtual field trip to show them first hand how their donations were being distributed. They had the privilege of meeting the founder Sherina Jones and hearing her story about why she started this project. Click on the link below to learn more about their experience!
Posted: 10-04-2020
Our PreK Can Wear Masks, So Can You!
Our preschool children are leading the way! If they can wear their masks all day, so can you! All students are required to wear masks throughout the school day. Masks must only cover the nose and mouth, not the neck. Masks must also be solid color or a simple plaid design (no graphics, loud colors, animal faces, type, etc) will be permitted. Masks are considered part of our school uniform. Thank you for following these important guidelines.
Posted: 09-26-2020