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SRL Virtual School Survey Results
Thank you to the 159 families who completed our virtual school survey! We're excited to report that 31% of our parents believe our distance learning program is "Excellent," 41% "Very Good," 18% "Satisfactory," 7% "Fair," and 2% "Poor." Considering our circumstances, we are very pleased with these results and are truly grateful for your amazing support at home. Your daily messages of encouragement help lift our spirits and further motivates us to improve our virtual instruction. We express special thanks to our team of SUPERSTAR teachers and staff who are working around the clock to reinvent themselves and provide meaningful and engaging lessons. There's no doubt our Cardinals will be ready for 2020-21 and beyond. Your families are in our continued prayers and we remain committed to supporting you in all ways possible. God bless.
Posted: 04-05-2020
School Closures and Online Learning
Based on information received by the Florida Catholic Conference (FCC), schools in South Florida will not reopen until sometime in May. Updates will be provided when received. Easter break days: 4/9, 4/10, 4/13 As you know, this news is changing constantly. We will continue sharing updates as the information is received. Plans will be evaluated every 15 days; the return date may change. Rest assured that our teachers are working tirelessly to deliver the best Catholic education possible to your children, whether in school or remotely. We have a remarkable team and, with your continued partnership, we will overcome all obstacles. We thank you for your support and thank our teachers for their unwavering dedication!
Posted: 04-05-2020
Super Science Club Students Soar to New Heights!
The SRL Super Science Club participated in the Science Olympiad Regional Competition on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at the University of Miami. The participants received medals in 15 events, earning 2nd place overall! The students will move forward to the State Competition at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Good luck!
Posted: 01-24-2020
Catholic Resources
Did you know that thousands of movies, programs, audio and video books supporting an authentic Catholic lifestyle are at your fingertips? Just go to and use the access code ZJXF4Y to sign up and begin watching, reading, and listening anytime anywhere.
Posted: 01-11-2020