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Calendar 2018-19
Start date, vacations, academic dates, etc.
Calendar 2018-2019.docx Posted: 08-02-2018
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-2019
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-2019
2018-2019 Student Handbook .pdf Posted: 08-17-2018
Senate Bill 247: "Preventing Childhood Paint and Lead Poisoning" Letter
Please read this important update from Principal Elliot concerning the completion of BBHS water testing in conjunction with Senate Bill 247.
parental water notification.docx Posted: 04-06-2019
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NO SCHOOL Memorial Day
Dressdown End of Month dressdown for those who have been good.
Mass Ascension Thursday Mass 10:50
A-G Day Schedule change today. Last day of all Senior classes.
A-G Day Special Schedule for Awards Ceremony.
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Student/Parent Handbook 2018-2019 2018-2019 Student Handbook .pdf
Start date, vacations, academic dates etc. Calendar 2018-2019.docx
Plus Portal Teacher's Guide plusportals-user-guide2017-18.pdf
Course selections end April 3rd POS 2019-2020.pdf
Program Of Studies 2019-2020 POS 2019-2020.pdf