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Student Parking
PROBLEM: Not enough student parking spaces, too many student drivers SOLUTION: Park on Concord Avenue when the Student Lot is FULL. Dear Students, Greetings. It has become apparent that more and more students are driving cars to Belmont High School. This happens every spring. Therefore, the designated Student Parking Lot is often full. If you arrive and the Student Parking Lot is full, then you must park off-campus. The closest spaces are on Concord Ave. If the Student Parking Lot is full, • Do NOT park in BUS LANES near the softball field. • Do NOT park in TEACHER SPACES. • Do NOT park on fields, grass, and/or unmarked spaces. • Do NOT park in the middle of road. Please remember parking on our campus is a privilege. Be responsible, park where you are supposed to park, do what you are supposed to do. The Student Lot will fill up each day until Monday, May 20, 2019 when our beloved seniors no longer have classes on our campus! Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.
Posted: 03-21-2019
10th Grade MCAS March 26 and 27
10th graders taking MCAS should check the Glass cases outside of the Main office to see what room they are testing in.
Posted: 03-21-2019
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Performs Thursday, Friday and Saturday March 21 through 23 at 7pm and Saturday at 2pm Tickets will be on sale for students during outside the cafeteria and in the library, the week of the show. Student Tickets are $5 for Thursday’s performance and $10 for Friday & Saturday.
Posted: 03-15-2019
How do I get to my account?
Posted: 09-27-2018