2019-2020 Course Selection underway. 


On Monday and Tuesday, students received their course selection sheet during Religion Classes. Students will present the scheduling sheet to their core subject teachers (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) for placement recommendations. Once students obtain these signatures (by Thursday), students will bring the course selection sheet home to their parents to complete the process. Students should review the Course Description Guide with their parents to ensure that they are scheduling the most effective courses for their post high school goals. If parents have any questions or concerns, they should be addressed to the counselor (contact information listed on last page of Course Description Guide) before signing and returning form to the counselor.

By Tuesday, March 26, all forms should be returned to the appropriate guidance counselor. 

Thank you!

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Academic Plan-- Time management guide. TimeManagementSchedule.xlsx
Academic Dishonesty Form Academic Dishonesty Form.pdf
2019-2020 Course Description Guide 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide.pdf