Looking for Your School’s PlusPortals Login?

Your PlusPortal log in page is located at plusportals.com/YourSchoolName. For example, the URL for "Rediker Academy" would be plusportals.com/RedikerAcademy. You can find the exact URL on your school's website or by asking the PlusPortals administrator.

Still not sure how to log into PlusPortals? Contact your school directly for more information.

About PlusPortals

PlusPortals by Rediker Software is your school’s gateway to staying connected with parents, students and staff via secure online web portals. Are you a school administrator looking to learn more about implementing PlusPortals at your school? Read about PlusPortals features and benefits at www.rediker.com.

Other Integrated Options from Rediker Software

Rediker Software provides PK-12 schools with integrated school management software that helps improve productivity, increase efficiency, maximize communication and inspire student success.